In Japan, it has been called "Ikebana" since ancient times to put flowers in a container. This "Ikebana" is said to include both "keeping flowers alive" and "making use of them". However, "Ikebana" also includes a sense of meditation, as if to prepare the mind, in addition to keeping flowers alive and making use of them. The act of "arranging" flowers, shaking off all other distractions and facing them, is very refreshing and comfortable. And this act of "arranging" can be done even if the flowers are withered.
The material is KEBONY, which utilizes a technology that transforms soft wood into hard wood, and is filled with dried cedar leaves so that the dried flowers can be placed in it. Everything, from the vase to the flowers, is dried. It is the human heart that finds the beauty of flowers that are still alive even though they have withered.